Learn how we're connecting with families during COVID19.

The stress of a diagnosis and treatment plan can be overwhelming.

Having to deal with bills on top of that, should not have to be a worry. We want to help provide as much support as possible, and get families back to focusing on what matters most: their loved ones. When there is less time worrying about paying bills, and more time spent together as a family, we know that can make a difference.

Families who meet the eligibility requirements below that need help on a reoccurring bill may receive up to $599.00 per budget year (January to December). The amount requested will be paid directly to the institution or business with gift cards distributed for gas or grocery needs.

Eligibility requirements:

  • A family with a child 21 years of age or younger currently in treatment for cancer.  Special cases will be considered for an on-going medical condition as a result of treatment.
  • A few related illnesses, treated by chemotherapy, radiation, and/or a bone marrow transplant, though technically not cancer will also be considered. 

How to request funds:

  • A hospital social worker or hospital medical staff person must apply on behalf of the family.
  • Social Workers will make the request by having the family fill out an Emergency Financial Assistance application signed by a parent.
  • Parent/s must  sign Candlelighters new family form  provided by the social worker.

Priority is given to requests pertaining directly to utility bills, rent, mortgage, phone bills, grocery needs and emergency car maintenance.

In order to apply for Emergency Financial Assistance, contact your assigned Social Worker who can help walk you through the process. If you have not been assigned a social worker, please get in contact with Ruth at Ruth@CandlelightersOregon.org or call 503.719.4244.