Emergency Financial Assistance

The stress of a diagnosis and treatment plan can be overwhelming.

Having to deal with bills on top of that, should not have to be a worry. We want to help provide as much support as possible, and get families back to focusing on what matters most: their loved ones. When there is less time worrying about paying bills, and more time spent together as a family, we know that can make a difference. Families who need help on any reoccurring bill or a bill that is directly impacted by treatment will be eligible for up to $599 in Emergency Financial Funds. Including gas cards to get to and from treatment, Fred Meyer cards for groceries and clothing, and assistance with funeral services. These funds are renewable every year the patient is in active treatment. 

In order to apply for Emergency Financial Assistance, contact your assigned Social Worker who can help walk you through the process. If you have not been assigned a social worker, please get in contact with Ruth at Ruth@CandlelightersOregon.org or call 503.719.4244.