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CCC Family Camp Logo 2inch 300ppi CMYK.jpgCandlelighters Family Camp 2020 Update

A letter from our Executuve Director, Jackie Groah


These have been challenging times for all of us, and living in an environment that is continuously changing, it is hard to predict the future. Amid uncertainty, our staff continued to cross our fingers, hope for the best, and start to make plans for Family Camp. But like a lot of plans these days, ours will be shifting to accommodate a new normal.

IMG_7028.JPEGLast Friday, Governor Brown’s office released guidelines for summer camps. They include: no overnight camps, no immunocompromised children, and no pools. We understand the reasoning behind these guidelines,* and because of them, our traditional Family Camp will not be able to occur this year. To say we are sad about this is an understatement. That said, we are picking ourselves up, and we're pressing on toward finding a way to create something different (but still amazing!) in the late summer in lieu of family camp. Don't despair, because...

IMG_7046.JPGWe are still committed to planning something fun! We are already exploring some exciting new ideas and cannot wait to get your feedback. So, if you’ve been looking forward to camp, keep your chin up. In uncertainty and hard times, we believe we can also find creativity and opportunity!  Watch for more updates in the near future.If you have any questions or concerns, have an idea, or simply want to say hello, please feel free to send us an email.IMG_7033.JPG

I'd also like to encourage you to join our new Facebook group just for Candlelighters Families. It's a great way to share ideas and encouragement with other parents.  


Thank you, 2019 Family Camp attendees for completing the family camp survey. You generously gave us your time and explained the reasons Family Camp makes a difference. Read the impact report to find out what you said. And know that we are working to make Family Camp even more impactful going forward.

About Candlelighters Family Camp:
Every year since 1995 during Labor Day weekend, we have hosted Candlelighters Family Camp for Candlelighters family members in Eugene, OR. It is an incredible three days filled with laughter, play, connecting, love and healing. Our families come together and get the opportunity to experience the magic of Family Camp while horseback riding, zip lining, swimming, riding go karts and bumper boats, attending campfires, and so much more! It is a great weekend for families to come and create memories. 
Candlelighters Family Camp is offered to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.  Attendance is 100% free of charge ensuring that all families who are interested in having the Family Camp experience can participate regardless of socioeconomic status or trying to balance medical bills during treatment.  
What makes Candlelighters Family Camp unique is that the experience is for the entire family.  Parents, siblings and even the child living with cancer enjoy a weekend where the worries of treatments and associated struggles are left behind.