Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel Connors

Volunteer_Daniel_Conors.pngDaniel Connors is one of those people who shows up when needed, on time and always with a smile. He doesn't expect credit, and it wasn't until we started looking for pictures of him did we realize just how many Candlelighters events he has been part of - Golf to Give (left, with his son, Boards Member Cory ConnorsCandy Cane Lane, & twice monthly Doernbecher Dinners to name just a few.  Daniel answered some of our questions about his life and dedication to volunteering. Thank you, Daniel for volunteering your time and energy to Candlelighters! 

Tell us wheIMG_7933.JPGre you are from, and little about your work and family.
My wife and I were born in Portland, and lived near each other but didn't meet until High School. We have been married 49 years. We have 4 children and 9 grandchildren, all living within the Portland metro area. We do a lot of family stuff. For work I was a VP-Sales for an automation company, travelling North America for over 20 years. After the 9/11 tragedy, travelling was no fun, and I worked as a longshoreman, operating the heavy equipment used to load and unload ships until retirement 5 years ago.
How did you get involved with candlelighters?
My son, Cory Connors is on the Candlelighters board, and let me know when there was a need for someone to fill a volunteer spot. I enjoy helping with the golf tournament, Christmas programsimage1 (2).jpg and especially the dinners at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. (Left, with Candlelighters Staff Ruth Lorente and Angela Griffin-Meyers)
What is it about Candlelighters mission that you feel most connected to? 
I am a 3 time cancer survivor, and I thank God every day that my kids and grandkids aren't affected by any medical problems. I agree that when a family member is diagnosed with a medical problem, the whole family is affected. There are thousands of opportunities out there to volunteer with, and I can't help all of them. Candlelighters works with families, and I am a family man.
What's been your favorite event/experience so far w/Candlelighters?
I don't golf, but enjoy spending the day at the Golf to Give Challenge.
What are you most excited about doing with Candlelighters next?
I have skied for most of my life, and am looking forward to the Cancer Ski Out this year!

Volunteer Spotlight: Margie Jones

Margie Jones.pngIf you've ever received a thank you note from Candlelighters, you would recognize Margie Jones's beautiful handwriting. Margie shows up cheerfully every week at the Candlelighters office, ready to file, enter data, hand write thank you letters, or anything else that she's asked to do. She's meticulous in her her work, has a kind heart, a ready hug, and a great laugh. Here, Margie tells us more about how she connected with Candlelighters.

How did you get involved with Candlelighters?

When I retired from 25+ years of marketing and selling real estate, I was looking for a “thing” to give back for the wonderful life I have and to contribute to society.  I ran into a friend at the grocery store, and he suggested I check out Candlelighters.  He had just volunteered for a fishing day.

What is it about Candlelighters mission that you connect with?

I connect with Candlelighters because my little Grandson had Leukemia at a very young age.  I babysit him several times a week, so I was very close to him; and his illness tore my heart in two.  Before my sweet, little Sawyer became so ill, I never knew what those little, smiling, bald-headed babies we see on TV go through as they fight for their lives.  I am so happy to say that Sawyer has been in remission now for 3 years.

What's been your favorite experience as a volunteer so far?IMG_20191207_161014 (1).jpg

I love the Candy Cane Lane party, where people sponsor children and/or families.  My 3 grandsons and I have made it our Christmas tradition to go shopping (Me?  Three boys in stores?  Recovery time is ?) for “our children.”  It has been very special for me to watch them try to choose exactly what they think their children would really like.  

What are you most excited about doing next?

I love interacting with the people—to try to bring a smile to their faces in such dark times.  I truly care about those little, bald babies—they have my heart.  I am so grateful to Candlelighters For Children With Cancer and all they do for the families struggling with pediatric cancer