Sibling Spotlight

Sibling Spotlight: Jordyn Robarge69554884_2464455270282873_5343162143422283776_o.jpg

-as told by her mother, Jennifer

Jordyn (pictured in 2019, at Candlelighters Family Camp with her brother, JJ)  was pretty little when her big brother JJ (right) was going through treatment.  JJ was 4 years old, 2 months shy of being 5 when he was diagnosed and they are 3 years apart in age so Jordyn was just 1 1/2-2 years old at the time that JJ was diagnosed.  She was a good helper for her brother and was like a little mommy taking care of him by taking things to him. She doesn’t remember much more than that.

 I do remember her being really upset when we would leave in a hurry to go to the hospital with JJJordyn_Sibling_Spotlight3.jpg.  She was always worried we were going to leave her behind, which lasted well after his treatment was over.  We tried to take her to the hospital as much as we could so she felt included and knew that her brother was okay. When he got gifts at the hospital we tried to keep things even and also get her something as well.  I’m sure it was hard on her having her brother get so much attention, but hard in general because we didn’t have a choice but to focus on him and his health for the 3 1/2 years of treatment.

Dr. Lamkin, JJ’s oncologist, gave us some advice early on.  He said to livJordyn_Sibling_Spotlight2.jpge live like JJ was going to be healthy and life was moving on after the 3 1/2 years were over, so that’s what we did.  We both still held our full time jobs which were super flexible with us and with the help of family we were able to make it all work.  3 1/2 years later he was a healthy thriving kid and life went on.  Jordyn and JJ are close, and Jordyn is very active in team sports like soccer and basketball.